The individual vs. Social quadrants

The individual is Ken Wilber’s pre-eminent area of concern.
Wilber Phase 3 (holarchic), culminated with Wilber Phase 4 (holonic). Tetra-arising

Although Wilber has included social collectives, he is known, and will be known by history as a pre-eminent individual Ascender. One who transcends.
Buddhists are likely to consider him an Arahat, and he will be understood as an incredible East-West synthesizer, far vaster than Sri Aurobindo. Perhaps in 100 years a global planetary confederation may consider Wilber akin to a Hegel in overall developmental output (and style), and magniloquence.

We know that Ken’s Integral Institute went down the tank for a variety of social circumstances, and some of his main impacts are in very refined scholarly research, however, his larger impact has not broken through to the level of a Hegel, Foucault, a Derrida, or a Max Weber. In other words the social quadrants are out of touch with the individual development. Evolution’s leading edge is at a standstill as postmodernism saturates our culture.

The Theory of Golden Light

Om. In the Temple of The One Way Infinite and Eternal

The Spirit is the compassion of golden light…. Boy Krishna at play

Spirals of golden light christ consciousness radiating from afar amidst the spring.

That chasm which cannot be reached.

Godhead trans-lumens us, the sentient being.

All knowledge is illumination.

And poetry, and even drama, may perhaps be some of the earth form’s many languages.

Philosophy of the post-postmodern

ENDOXA (as per Aristotle), community of adequate

Integral Scholars – relatively rare
Integral practicioners usually include integral scholars
Integral Babies, usually genX people, see clint Fuchs, Zak Stein, Corey Devos
Integral deep philosophers…

DIALECTICS (per Aristotle) major debates

The major dialectical debates in the field are between spirituality, and naive epistemic realism (narrow science)
Another debate is between integralists and non-integralists….
Spirituality vs. philosophy (Mcintosh vs. Wilber)
There are also political debates (Orange vs. Green meme), i.e. tolerance vs. merit
The other debates are between evolution, and Eros

EPISTEMOLOGY – VisionLogic awareness, network logic, transcendental reason (as per hegel)

Neigh: Linguistic Contagions, Hindu Yantras, and the fate of Democracy

Capitalism is a 3rd person… It’s the kind person you never want to talk to…. like a rude family member
(but only refer to out of instinct – a diminushing species of the primordial ape’s logos)

But — it is never our victim. It is always the sole victimizer of destiny. A very plebian dialectic, printing into blood its mightiest inscriptions.

It can be a linguistic contagion or a messenger of fate — a spiraling doom of TV cascades, hated political tyrades, like hindu mystic yantras.

A perpetual 1988 – 1994 in constant spring and fluxation, gesticulating the body of the algorithmic christ.

A race of capitalists predominates our cyber space fighting telekenetic warefare through discreet communal Bolivian lithium wage LABOR-extraction phases.
This goes well beyond the savior complex and if the Euro corporate genius, the Merkel or the american vanguard is all we have left then we are all fucked.

Will America ever be restored to a Prussian-like glory?