This week I very clearly and discernibly meditated on OM. As I read the Meditation chapter of the Bhagavad Gita just prior, I was taking the core psychology, and trying to discern the spiritual orientation.

I love the Bhagavad Gita because it gives pure psychological clarity. As I was contemplating the meaning of spirit, I shuttered my external mind.

As I sat up in bed, I began motivating myself to access the meaning of Krishna. As I had chanted OM many times before, it was easier to motivate myself. I just had to think of Krishna.

With Krishna on my mind, I began to effect the rapid visualization of OM. First I visualized it in cultural context, and then as it interiorized, the OM itself became without context. Suddenly the OM interiorized.

I locked into the actual power. In that instant the internal energy of OM found a sticking point in my interiorizing consciousness, free from context. It was just the raw dedication. Om suddenly magnetized, and I could see what the rishis saw.

It only appeared for perhaps one or two seconds, but I felt an internal pulsing of OM channelizing through the cavern of my head, at first as a point of white light, and then extruded through time.

OMkar came to me, it gently pulsated, as my internal consciousness revelled, and I experienced the bliss of energy. My brain LIT with light, and then suddenly the joy and the restiveness on attaining meditation – on the absolute inner focusing on the inner meaning of life itself – went away as I lost the main focus.

At least my true meditation was there, due to my dedication. I wish all people were constantly in the state of surrender to God. OM

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