Monastic Unity

My vision is to become trans-disciplinary in a sense not normally meant by Integralists, however I will define that more later.
I want to start by noticing that the monastic vision is something that all of the visions have in common. 
However, for the sake of integration, we are actually leaving out another independent variable.
Will these monestaries represent the vision of the East or the vision of the West or both?
What we call Tibetan Buddhism (Padmasambhava) and Advaita Vedanta (Adi Shankaracharya), and other schools – both integrated with timeless esoteric Tao – contributed to the brilliant Eastern monastic monistic vision. And yet these – these traditions are virtually free of the theological confusions of the Western thinking, and the trappings that go along with Western deism, and reificationism.
We will need to parse out the Western vision and the Eastern vision in order to have a New Esoteric Vision (NEV). Without a NEV, most forms of integral hubism, community building, and information synthesis (MAY) be vitally shuttered without some form of monastic unity.

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