Ecology In The Needle

What Is Biodiversity?

Humanity must indeed care about biodiversity, if it is to survive in any true and meaningful sense.

We must attempt to truly respect our planet as much as we can.

Biodiversity is estimated to be more than 30 times the worth of the global GDP every year.

If we lose biodiversity we lose a molecular individual unit of ourselves.

In many senses, biodiversity is the very reason we exist, if we think about it.

The Stakes of This Game

If we act NOW basically we will have a chance.

On many levels, including cultural, spiritual, medicinal, scientific, and economic, this is the greatest tragedy of an era.

What’s at stake is not only our cultural legacy (which is sad enough), but the genetic legacy of millions or so years that has an impact on all of the external dimensions of our lives.

Moving The Needle

When we lose biodiversity we do lose a precious renewable part of our own molecular anatomy.

When humans reduce invasive species, introducing occasional key predators where necessary, we can revitalize depleted and dead ecologies, as exhibited in Yellow Stone National Park!

Ecology In The Needle

Currently we are pillaging these vital services provided by our planet, and endangering our cultural and our deep biological heritage.

We must love the planet.

Economy = Ecology = Self

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