The Place of Dialogos (Propositional Metaphysics) In Core Zen Enlightenment

Those who detract from the esoteric core of the world’s religions, do so in the name of immanence (the platonic idea of being in the world of meaning).
The heart of the esoteric teachings are concerned with transcendence, the neoplatonic idea of unity, oneness.

It seems that between these two views, there comes the view of the Yogachara school of Tibetan Buddhism, which states that One and Many-ness are expressed in the mind of the participant, which is a beginingless continuum of clear light.

In Modern, and Postmodern times, we tend to focus on very abstract concepts, in isolation. This is the road of abstraction, which creates an isolating core of propositional metaphysics defined by anti-holism, unique in its core. Via particularization – as opposed to meaning – and also exclusion and imperialism, the domination of Truth (and abstract logos and dia logos) over the very real logic of harmonious non-partisan interaction that seems to have shaped the core beauty, and goodness of the Enlightenment (1700) tradition seems to have taken place.

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