What is transmodernism?

We can only survive if we enjoin each other as a whole. And postmodernism has failed to offer a valid set of anti-capitalist regimes. Therefore, we need a remodernism, or a new set of enlightenment techniques. If we are to survive as a species. In the long term. If we cannot transcend postmodern critique, or even get to that stage then our planet and the enlightenment project will be doomed. Transcend and include. Remodernism, Metamodernism, Performatism All ideas that oscillate between the “ideal human” and his enslavement to post-capitalist society We must even critique the critique. You know. In the long term we are looking fucked in terms of planetary survival. The only way to match our immense technology, is an equal development of wisdom. The co-development between art, self, and technology. As well as tech and self Cultural motif, culture genetics, culture theory Because if we can include the past, instead of always focusing on ourselves then we can heal our pathology We can heal capitalism We can defeat capitalism By intersecting the art discipline with the socio-scientific. That requires intellectual growth. As well as shadow work, to heal the traumas of our cultural identity. Because post-modernism teaches us that reality is a simulacrum, which means we are creating this pluriform cultural identity. But at the same time that requires moral strength, and a anti-nihilist life-passion (as nietzsche would say), which subsumes the further fracturing.

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