Comprehending Communicative Networks: Netocratic Principia

Dear friends and readers of this blog, if there is such a thing as a netocracy, a world formed by networks, and their hyperreal simulation as simultaneous events of both mental signifiers and physical signifieds, then that integral netocracy must have some kind of internal logic.
Now what we have done is differentiated on a path to integrating a list of the three principles of social cognition which have validity to this network era, and science more broadly.

If you will, a type of non-abstract Principia Metamoderna discrete mathematics effort, but it is simultaneously so much more than that, if you can understand the underlying spiritual logic.

The following list is suggestive in good faith and spiritual knowledge not only for a broad science, but for a new trans-relativist Principia of the meta-moderna phase space we are now in as a transformative culture.

Netocratic Principia
1) enact spiritual (transphysically {translogically} enactivate) networks
2) prehend mental (visually (dia-logic) transcend) networks
3) nonexclude physical (communicatively (monologically) differentiate) networks.

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