Reediting and updating a spiritual vision

Brett Meta Deity Sangha

Speaking from the abstract (desire)

My desire is to create a blog that will extend to others in terms of Integrative Metatheory, and universalism.

I think my target audience is hinduism/buddhism/integral, but we can expand.

I want to accelerate the spread of depth, and I want to give other people the tools to create procreatively these purposes.

Daring to dream (dream big)

I dream of having a dharma/gospel-centric institute that preaches universalism, creating an integral department of peace, and establishing singularities of nonduality throughout this Kosm.

How can our human institutes coax and establish the peace between samsara and nirvana? Even AI and the meta human mind?AND HOW CAN WE act humanely as to deliver international products and meaning? Evolutionary requisites in terms of transmodernism and expanding to metaintegral evolutionary visions online, and empowering 3rd tier (indigo) revolutions? Ah we will see. Vision:
An ability to basically create a universal library of all human knowledge and thought: To cull the best, and integrating our vision with the millenials, and with multinational (multi spatial) politics.

(actual) Final project vision

The final idea is to establish extensive meditative academies to educate people and to carry out extensive research in brain-mind interfacing as well as bring out the traditional knowledge of islam, christianity, buddhism, and hinduism to the fore: spirit brain hybrids. I really want to push the limits of scientific knowledge. I want to establish the goal of creating a solid spiritual foundation in all world’s religions, and doing it in their terms. We can bring all minds together great minds and liberate our public consciousness.

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