I am building off of the model of Daniel Gortz, whose MetaModern value system has inspired me.
My research system has four fundamental evolutionary sociological currents, curricula, or sub-streams, followed by a scientific involutionary/transcendental supra-coherentist potentiality or Discovery as you will see below…

In a deterministic universe, think of these as the free will potentiators to evolution which inform and shape our Memetic Value level.
In other words, these five dimensions are sociological, anthropological, developmental, and post-metaphysical constraints that determine value, depth, goodness, growth, and potential into a stratified meta-informatic typological system and collective ontology… making us coherent potentiators, informing a variety of aspects of dynamic evolution and chaotic systems.

Broadly speaking:

Secret Unit/level/state:
1. State circuit (From DMT to Jnana Samadhi)
2. Depth circuit (from existential emotional despair to the heights of our own divine being integrated through the circuits of Complexity Mathematics: see below)

Very Secret Unit/level/state:
3. Code circuit (Universal citizenship, meaning, hierarchical worldview, from pre-modern, to modern, to postmodern)

4. Complexity circuit (Internal mathematical paradigmatic constructs, Answering: What Am I aware of? Meaningful answers come from a range of fields: Aurobindo, Piaget, Richards & Commons)

Super-secret Unit/level/state:
5. Meta hierarchical circuit (Turquoise Consciousness, Agape & Eros, this balances and totalizes the other 5 circuits), Ken Wilber, Aurobindo, Superintegral, Trans-perspectivism, Universal Metatheory

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