1. Metamodernism as a culture
    Metamodern culture is the subject of several books, art, as well as postmodern literature has veered into this direction since 2015. This can be seen as two schools: the Dutch school and the Nordic school. But there is also a black school.

    2 a. Metamodernism as a religion
    Metamodernism is the attempt to define social and historical prescriptions for development, and can be seen in the work of Ken Wilber as he attempts to a bridge between interior epistemology and metaphysics.
    This had been attempted by Habermas (who Wilber calls the most brilliant social theorist alive), but this amazing undertaking took place later in the century, in the deep spiritual sciences and metaphysics of cognitive and social asset Ken Wilber.

    2 b. A sub-distinction an be made of followers of Ken Wilber such as Dr. Robert Kegan, Dr. Jenny Wade, Dr. Terri O’Fallon, who in and of themselves have continued the pioneering works of American developmentalists and followed right to the pinnacle of what might be considered humanism. They have expressed how human development doesn’t stop in adulthood (age 25), as considered the norm in our current mainstream culture, but both our wisdom and compassion begin increasing, usually when we hit that exact point.

    4. Metamodernism as a memetic program
    Jean Gebser is the first systematizer of metamodernism as poetic/cultural genealogy. But this is not dry abstraction, but rather, sensing, intuitive “synairesis” or or systematic bringing together of non-systems. It’s rather hard to grasp, because this form of metamodernism is really a form of seeing.

    5. Metamodernism as a philosophical/dialectical lodestone
    This represents the shift from Einstein to Niels Bohr and on into Whitehead (circa 1920). Other philosophical metamodernists are Henri Bergson (who is brilliant, yet creative darwinist), Aurobindo and many others of the early moving into the mid 20th century.
    A notable figure, of prominent intellect, and perhaps the most prominent today is Steve Mcintosh.

    b. Metamodernism as Sexual Adaptation

    These individuals who cluster this category are super rare but represent the amplification of philosophical metamodernism towards altruistic care, and metaphysical union….

    Representatives of this key facet: Tielhard de Chardin (jesuit theologican), Barbara Marx Hubbard, Zak Stein (Harvard), Marc Gafni (rabbi), Buckminster Fuller.
    These people are usually visionaries with an intimate background in complexity.

    8. Metamodernism as an international diaspora, a mindset, and sensibility
    Alexander Bard, Karen Barad, Quentin Meillassoux, Hanzi Freinacht (known for aesthetics), Alan Kazlev, etc.

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