Mandalic Reasoning on the Nature of The One Infinite Creator

Reasoning on the Nature of The One Infinite Creator: Erotic Emergence and Nondual Being Transformative (idealist), Emergent (naturalist), and Aperspective (dialecticist) Idealism is a primary intuition, and as such, its transformative potential informs, upregulates and downregulates and empowers formative actuality. Materialism is also a fact, which upregulates and, sub-articulates the meaning of LL and UL, with […]

Divine Wholing™

We need a participatory commons of body/mind/spirit healing (ie wholing). The main agenda should not be the constant churning of meta-theoretical cognition which has seem to become the basis of most people’s theorizing (see Bawen and Post-Wilberians Theoretics). The participatory commons I’m speaking of is not a superficial supercomputer, network, “teal cognition”, or gnosis — […]

Buddhism in Metatheory

This unique vision entails enacting state-phenomenology as a means to create top-down semiotics. It is neither Christian, nor Buddhist, rather it is quasi-archetypal. You can’t create meaning through chaos, unless you follow left-hand paths. I recommend creating meaning through chaos, and chaos through meaning.  There are two main visions attacking a complacency in Integralism. Old […]