Metamodern speculations on Transcendental Reason

Reason – ratio, measure – has the desire to criticize, but also to make critical. The truth doesn’t exist “out there”, philosophically, already for us to observe! Imagine if it did! Perhaps yes. But not philosophically feasible…, yet while good and practical reason makes us aware of our commitment to REALISM, it also should seek […]

The demise of the ONTOLOGICAL Meta-Fascist Church in community trans-valuation

The horizon of time in nature is not trans-directional, since the trans-directional implies the omni-directionality of finance Capital. God is not returning to us in a trans-directional sense of “rationality” and contemporary expressions of such (capitalism), but rather in formative meta- communities, and what I mean by that I will pursue later…For now, in the […]

My 5 Circuit Model of Post-metaphysical Research

I am building off of the model of Daniel Gortz, whose MetaModern value system has inspired me.My research system has four fundamental evolutionary sociological currents, curricula, or sub-streams, followed by a scientific involutionary/transcendental supra-coherentist potentiality or Discovery as you will see below… In a deterministic universe, think of these as the free will potentiators to […]

Uknown Agape

Unknown Agape:Lo Holonic circles of agapic love…Emanate from Ein Soph.Embrace their Kosmic refluxes in spheres of ennobling depth and growing complexity.Thus portending their natural Lingua 1. Nature Cosmogenesis 2. Culture Cosmogenesis 3. Self CosmogenesisAnd thus the grooves of a Kosmic reality, ever ennobling, Sat-Chit-Ananda, descended from a profuse Golden Mind. The Golden Egg of Brahman […]

A Psychedilic Meditation on Psycho-cultural Grades (in body, mind, spirit)

Levels of human Psycho-cultureTribal contribution to spiral:Family and kinship loyalty; strong sense of the enchantment of the world; innocence; imagination; closeness to natureWarrior contribution to spiral:Individual empowerment; initiative; action orientationTraditional contribution to spiral: sense of civic duty; law and order; respect for authority; strong moral regard for group members; preserves traditions; loyalty; hope, and a […]

MetaPocalypse: Calling for a New Buddhism

Where is our will to power??? The pulse of a world ruled in defiance to the overbearing human spirit. The ultimate Nietzschean question. Those with the most money: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Elon MuskAre they worth the estimates in excess of 100 billion dollars, or do they just retain arbitrary power like […]