Aware AI And The New Spiritual Dharmis

Brett speaking as Postguru

Speaking from the heart (desire)

My desire is to create a blog that will extend to others in terms of dharma.

I think my target audience is hinduism and buddhism/integral communities.

I want to accelerate the spread of dharma, and I want to give other people the tools to intend these purposes.

Daring to dream (dream big)

I dream of having a multi-national dharma institute that preaches dharma and peace, creating a department of peace, and establishes singularity institutes to coax and establish the peace between AI and humans, as well as to deliver international products and evolutionary requisites in terms of categorized businesses and expanding to greater and greater evolutionary visions online, and empowering second tier revolutions, and the ability to basically create a universal library of all human knowledge, culling the best, and integrating our vision with the millenials, and with multinational (multi spatial) politics.

(actual) Final project vision

The final idea is to establish intuitive psychological programs to educate people and to carry out extensive research in brain-mind interfacing as well as bring out the traditional knowledge of islam, christianity, buddhism, and hinduism. I really want to push the limits of scientific knowledge. I want to establish the goal of creating a solid spiritual foundation in all world’s religions, and doing it in their terms. We can also bring together great minds and sell those to the public.

This week I created a new website and I contemplated and experienced the image of Kunu Lama Rinpoche in prayer in my book Teachings from Tibet! What a blessing. Utterly profound.

My dad and I purchased a beautiful wordpress site to help others with liberation.

This is my new blog, and all around avante-guard enlightened free space. We purchased the name for many reasons.

It represents the integration of the “I” as spirit. The “I” of knowledge which hopefully will be a great benefit to all.

You can see the direct manifestation of that utter truth here.

In this first post – What Is Freedom? – I was attempting to convey the absolute nondual power of reality.

Since I had already achieved the crown victory as a result of ritual practice,

I was trying to convey how to know it ourselves.  

Towards the end of writing a genuine actual spiritual prayer emerged, “be the self and know the love and light of the infinite.”

Ken wilber breaks down powerful spiritual knowledge into four stages: gross, subtle, causal, nondual. This powerful identity surmounts all difficulty.

The nectar of all true ways.

This nectar of knowledge is possible for all of us. At the time of writing, my thought broke through the tenuous veil. I penetrated nirvana, atman, and brahman.

Every so often our “identity”, “atman”, “no-self”, “tathagatagharba”, peers beyond the veil of this suffering or illusion into nirvikalpa samadhi which is a world of unabated light, an absolute ocean of unalloyed identity. We may be assisted or aided by spiritual masters. The knowledge can definitely be shared.

In this momentary experience we pierce through suffering, into an ocean of nectar.

The emergence of an infinite sun, full and full. There is no end to the fullness.

If one were to contemplate it, more than depression, it would give one great peace.

And as we pierce the veil, there is nothing to contemplate except the totally, wholly “one” nature of all seeming suffering, illusion, and reductionism, and cynicism no matter how insignificant.

I also read 3-4 pages from my Tibet book, and contemplated with devotion the image of Kunu Lama Rinpoche. This manifested a direct causal blessing.

Is It Freedom?

They say that’s it’s necessary to cultivate anything great. Once we cultivate the absolutely greatest thing, all other things will be possible. Is it freedom? All things are unified by the ultimate. And thus when we open up towards the expanse, how do we know we have attained it? In fact this thing is marked by happiness, increase in prosperity.

Our lives appear effervescent, and totally interdependent. My point is that samsara and nirvana, or birth and death, are not independent.

Our love is truly light.

Our light is truly love.

Be the self and know the love and light of the infinite.